Home Health Care Billing

TAD provides Home Health Care Billing in excess of 100 insurance plans for over 300 home health care agencies nationwide!


TAD’s billing consultants perform the extremely time-consuming, complicated tasks of reviewing claims for accuracy and compliance with payer rules, following up on denials and researching claims with payment variances. They do not just process claims, or simply push a button. TAD handles the hardest part of the home health care billing process and will provide you with useful, necessary and accurate detailed billing reports. The value of these services is to give you maximum cash flow; an equally important value is providing management with the ability to make informed decisions regarding the everyday operation of your home health agency.

The following are the billing services TAD will provide to your agency:

  • Review claims for billing system edits
  • Submit patient claims for all payer types and confirm that payer received claims
  • Research unpaid claims, inform agency of corrections, and rebill as needed
  • Post remittance advices and maintain accounts receivable
  • Analyze/review paid claims for lost revenue due to missed visits, LUPAs, and outliers
  • Provide instruction on utilization of management reports to facilitate operations
  • Process Medicare credit balance reports
  • Provide ongoing consulting services regarding Medicare, business and billing issues

TAD’s billing services offers your agency an organized billing system that will provide focus to your in-house staff. Having TAD independently oversee this process will give you peace of mind and increased cash flow.

“Our Billing Mission is to Get Your Claims Paid!”

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Agencies should strongly consider diversifying its patient base by accepting Medicare Advantage patients as well as other private insurances. Oftentimes, this diversification of payor sources is a foregone conclusion in certain geographical areas. The hesitancy to embrace this approach usually lies in the difficulty of claim processing. TAD is able to provide the back room billing and follow-up services required to handle an unlimited amount of payor sources and in dealing with various and somewhat onerous claim requirements. TAD’s experience has been developed by the sheer number of payors it currently bills, over 100, in the 18 states that its client base resides. 

Most importantly, continued growth in Medicare Advantage enrollment is forecast far into the future. Having money flowing in from other payor sources could make the PDGM effect financially less difficult.   

As a result of a shorter billing cycle, more work for the billing staff will become a certainty. The new features of PDGM billing will also result in additional burden on billing departments. This will mandate the need for improved and more efficient processes.

Also due to the decrease of the up-front payments for RAP’s, any delays in billing will trigger potentially severe cash flow problems. Because of the changing reimbursement environment, the number of HHA’s will likely shrink, however the number of patients requiring home health services will not.    

In summary – PDGM difficulties, Medicare Advantage growth and private insurance requirements all put significant time constraints on billing staff. Add to that RCD already up and running in Illinois and Ohio and set to take effect in Texas in March and Florida and North Carolina in May causing  additional stress and process challenges for your staff. Now is the time to partner with TAD.

TAD Home Health Consultants provide a variety of services to Home Health care agencies, allowing in-house staff and management to concentrate on core competencies, such as improved patient care, quality assurance, marketing efforts, and managing the business.

TAD Guy for Home Health Billing

By working with hundreds of home health care agencies, TAD has gained valuable experience in the home health care industry. We specialize in home health care billinghome health care accountinghome health care cost reports & tax returns, and free home health care webinars. We have a support team of experts that will help your home health care agency thrive. TAD’s clients range from start-up to well-established Medicare certified home health care agencies.