Home Health Care Accounting

TAD is experienced in Home Health Care Accounting by having worked with hundreds of home health care agencies.


The accountants at TAD can remove the burden and frustration of daily home health care accounting from your office. As a client, you will receive timely and accurate profit/loss statements from the CPAs at TAD. These statements, along with TAD’s financial consulting, will allow your management team to interpret, react and modify operations.

The following are the accounting services TAD will provide to your agency:

  • Receive and review vendor bills
  • Enter bills into accounts payable system to facilitate timely payments
  • Record vendor bills correctly for preparation of accurate cost reports and tax returns
  • Write and mail accounts payable checks
  • Represent agency on all vendor related issues
  • Maintain complete/accurate filing system
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Provide agency with cash balances
  • Review cash requirements for accounts payable and payroll
  • Distribute payroll into proper expense and liability accounts
  • Prepare cash basis profit/loss statement and accounting package
  • Review workers compensation/malpractice insurance policies and represent on audits
  • Provide ongoing consulting services regarding Medicare, business, and accounting issues

TAD’s accounting service insures that only the owner(s) of a home health agency know the financial activity of their agency. Feel secure in knowing that TAD’s skilled CPAs are properly handling your accounting and maintaining strict confidentiality.

“Our Accounting Mission is to Professionally Remove Tedious Bookkeeping from Your Office and Report on the Financial Health of your Agency.”

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Why outsource accounting? Why not? Let’s start with the proven notion that outsourcing this function will improve your core business focus. There is a risk of attempting to find a qualified accountant and obvious cost of hiring for this position. TAD’s accountants specialize in Home Health and understand Medicare and IRS requirements. But most important is the ability of management to gain access to outside expertise that the agency could not afford otherwise.

One of the hidden benefits that many agency owners don’t realize is that outsourcing the accounting function provides an opportunity to upgrade and improve accounting processes.  It reduces the cycle it takes to close books. TAD does it each month. This current, hands on bookkeeping allows TAD to prepare tax returns and cost reports timely, accurately and with zero client stress.

In essence, TAD provides controller oversight. TAD possesses knowledge of similar scenarios that the agency will experience and will have valuable information for you to consider – all gleaned from its other clients over time. This will create benchmarking opportunities where otherwise benchmarking may not have been completed due to the always pressing time constraints, the “get to it next month” syndrome.

TAD will provide you and your management team with peace of mind. TAD will assure you that the financial information is accurate and presented in a way that is understandable. TAD would be one of the best investments your agency has ever made with the result of allowing you and your team to concentrate on activities suited for your talents and expertise.

TAD Home Health Consultants provide a variety of services to Home Health care agencies, allowing in-house staff and management to concentrate on core competencies, such as improved patient care, quality assurance, marketing efforts, and managing the business.

TAD Guy for Home Health Billing

By working with hundreds of home health care agencies, TAD has gained valuable experience in the home health care industry. We specialize in home health care billinghome health care accountinghome health care cost reports & tax returns, and free home health care webinars. We have a support team of experts that will help your home health care agency thrive. TAD’s clients range from start-up to well-established Medicare certified home health care agencies.