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    For over 18 years TAD has worked with home health care providers, servicing hundreds of HHA’s in 18 states. TAD specializes in the areas of billing, accounting, tax and cost reports. TAD is able to share its knowledge base gained from its extensive billing and accounting expertise to collaborate and guide each of its clients in managing their cash flow.

    Smaller HHA’s will experience havoc on their revenue cycle due to scarce resources including limited funding options. Collections will be dramatically affected which will put even greater demands on accounts receivable management – often overlooked in smaller agencies. Cash needs will only intensify, TAD conservatively estimates that the cash collections cycle will lengthen by 24 to 28 days which will equate to one month of revenue. How will this shortfall be made up??

    One solution to this could come from deferring the costs associated with your billing department. Your agency incurs payroll costs at the time claims are billed.  TAD fees, charged after claims are paid, can delay those costs for as much as 30 to 60 days.

    Now is the perfect time to add TAD’s billing services or accounting services or a combination of both to your agency team. This partnership will enable your staff to concentrate on the clinical demands brought on by PDGM and relieve management and staff of the stress of the intensified billing and collection processes. TAD guarantees a positive impact on your agency.   

    TAD Home Health Consultants provide a variety of services to Home Health care agencies, allowing in-house staff and management to concentrate on core competencies, such as improved patient care, quality assurance, marketing efforts, and managing the business.

    TAD Guy for Home Health Billing

    By working with hundreds of home health care agencies, TAD has gained valuable experience in the home health care industry. We specialize in home health care billinghome health care accountinghome health care cost reports & tax returns, and free home health care webinars. We have a support team of experts that will help your home health care agency thrive. TAD’s clients range from start-up to well-established Medicare certified home health care agencies.